Services Sustainable Builders Group can help you with:

We want to help people and their builders/architects/designer to build Passive House and Zero Energy Home projects. Passive House levels of energy performance is the ultimate energy level in the world. It is the toughest building code in the world. Many people want this level of performance in their home for a host of reasons. Energy independence, low operating costs, durability of home long term, durability of products, indoor air quality, survivability if power goes off, many more.  To get a home with Passive House specifications, some people want the performance without getting a certification from Passive House and some want that certification. We can help with the design aspects, sourcing products, and many other parts of the building process. For certification of a Passive House you will need a Passive House Consultant and a Passive House Rater to inspect and test the various requirements of a Certified Passive House. This does add to costs of building a Passive House but you will end up with the best home in the world. Or you can build to Passive House levels of performance without the certifications to save some money. We need to know up front what your goals are. We can help you build a Zero Energy Home with a lower level of insulation and more renewable energy to get there. You do not need to build to Passive House levels of insulation, though we do promote it.

SBG can help with getting your home designed and drawn and determining levels of performance. We have other professionals in the Group. We can provide guidance on feasibility/site positioning, energy modeling, efficiency goals and objectives, foundation systems, building envelopes/wall systems/rain screen design, roof design, window/door selection, air sealing objectives/details, heating systems and heat recovery ventilation, blower door testing, thermal imaging, solar PV system design and installation, battery backup and EV charging systems. We can also help with any aspect of the building process as requested by the customer.

Energy modeling is a critical part of the design process and is required by building code. There are many modeling programs and some are more accurate than others. We have other professionals in the Group do the modeling to get the most accurate information so you get the right sized heating/cooling system that you need. This also enables us to tweak the building envelope and components to save money and get the results you are after. The energy modeling is a separate service done by another entity and is another contract.  You can also have a third party do the final blower door test and test various systems in the home if desired.

We are a source for panelized wall systems, panelized basements, windows and doors, and heating and ventilation equipment/design. We constantly go to trade shows and conferences to find out what is new and what is coming out.  We are actively searching for builders, HVAC companies and other professionals to join the quest to build these homes. We want to be the 1 stop place to get the help you need to build your energy efficient, future proof home.


Our combined experience, construction familiarity and Passive House credentials help provide added benefits throughout the proposal, preconstruction, design development, material selection and construction stages of projects.

Blower Door Testing + Thermal Imaging

Sustainable Builders Group unlike most builders loves to test our projects because we have nothing to hide and only want the best for our clients.


We actively manage the budget development process, provide timely input and best practice alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. 


Another key method to enhancing your property is by remodeling an existing space. We rework spaces to your desires and improve overall flow with new design and construction alternatives.